A Message from our Pastors

Dear Reader,

For those who do not know our journey, our little boy Zac was born with multiple heart defects, and throughout his pregnancy, once it was discovered, we trusted and believed with all our hearts for his “heart healing”. What we did not know at the time was that our son’s heart would

be made perfectly whole as he was called home, but that God would be steadfast and faithful in the journey of our own “heart healing”. He has

led us through this on-going journey by speaking “HOPE” into our hearts … by shifting our focus beyond the unfathomable pain and promising

us that there is destiny and purpose in our story.

It was through this journey that the Lord called us to plant a house church … Redeeming Hope Church … to be a home to those seeking a close

knit family and to be a safe place for hurting hearts to discover JESUS as the One who stands closest to the broken hearted. We opened the doors to our home on the 1st of September 2013 and so began an adventure that has truly been one of our greatest privileges in journeying with very precious people that He has knitted into this special family. Over the years we have sensed no need to rush into growing into something bigger. We have felt hidden and cocooned in His embrace as He has been steadfastly building deep foundations in all our lives.

Some time ago, God started stirring in our hearts a caution not to become comfortable and that the time was coming to grow, expand and open our arms wider to the community. We had looked and prayed over many venues, but the doors never opened. When we least expected it, a venue was offered to us to use for a few months. It was perfectly in line with specific things the Lord had spoken to our hearts over the years, … as a church, we took a leap of faith to step out of our place of comfort and together walk through the new doors God had opened to us, being willing

to reach out with open arms to the community around us with the promise of His redeeming hope and love. The timing has astounded us!

6 years to the day of releasing our beloved son to His eternal care, he has opened a “door of hope” to us as a church family to demonstrate His “REDEEMING HOPE” in action. His love redeems ALL things! Nothing we negotiate is beyond His ability to lovingly heal and restore.


Today as a church family we were able to truly celebrate that! We are so excited to see where God will continue to lead and grow us in His perfect love. How grateful we are for the precious community of love of which we are a part. He has laid a firm foundation, so that we can reach out with His great love to whomever He leads our way.


173 Villiers Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 6065

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